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How To Survive A Nuclear Or
Dirty Bomb Blast

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Sinister operatives are now smuggling dangerous “dirty bomb” components into our country. But there is still time to prepare yourself and your family from the horrific blast they think will change the world forever.

DATE: 2-18-2010
Charleston, SC

Dear Patriot,

If you think there is even a remote chance a dirty bomb has slipped through our porous borders... reading this important letter may be the most important thing you ever do.

Here's why:

While President Obama is currently calling for 708 billion dollars in defense spending, there isn't one red cent budgeted for the kind of civil defense programs that could keep Americans alive in the event of what many experts say is an imminent attack. This is not only disgraceful but extremely dangerous.

Ironically, the news of President Obama's plan to expand our global military presence came within 24 hours of CIA director Panetta announcing that an al Qaeda attack in this country was a 100% certainty within the next six months.

"The New York Post has offered
compelling evidence that this man,
Adnan Shukrijumah is al Qaeda's dirty
bomb operational leader in the U.S. Intelligence experts believe he is
planning simultaneous nuclear attacks
on several U.S. cities. FBI consultant
Paul Williams also claims Shukrijumah
has 180 pounds of nuclear material. Last seen in Florida,  Adnan Shukrijumah is wanted by the FBI and has a 5 million dollar bounty on his head."

Further, former CIA agent Rolf Mowatt-Larson recently details in a special report for Harvard's Kennedy School that al Qaeda operatives are desperate to launch a nuclear attack of spectacular proportions designed to change the world as we know it forever.

“The risk of an attack which would devastate our
country is greater than ever while the bureaucrats acknowledge
they have virtually no obligation to protect the citizens.”

That may come as a shock to you if you've always thought the military and the police are here to protect you, but the sad reality is that the military is caught up in an unwinnable tar pit in the Middle East and even good cops here at home find the politically correct landscape almost impossible to work in.

Before you jump to the conclusion that I'm some hippie anarchist, when was the last time you heard of the police actually preventing a crime? Isn't it true that the police almost always show up after the fact? (They can't be everywhere … right?) They're there to gather evidence and track down the bad guy… and if they're lucky enough to find him and convict him and some liberal judge doesn't get in the way, he might go to jail.

According to FBI statistics, only a little more than half of all crimes are 'cleared' by police, meaning a person is arrested, charged and convicted. In fact, during one ten-year period, only 13% of aggravated assaults led to a criminal going to jail!

The truth of the matter is that neither the military nor the police really have the power to stop the insidious activities of terrorists. And the more strained our troops are overseas, the less able they are to secure our borders.

Nuclear Attack Is More Likely Today Than During The Cold War!

The dirty little secret known by a few highly-placed officials is that the risk of a devastating nuclear attack today is greater than it has ever been in history. After the fall of the Soviet Union, hundreds of tactical nuclear weapons were missing... “suitcase nukes” that could fit into a backpack and kill hundreds of thousands of people in a few seconds... and tens of thousands more who would suffer and likely die from the fallout.

Recently leaked intelligence reports reveal that al Qaeda operatives have already purchased at least one of these weapons for approximately $30 million dollars. Now imagine our porous southern border, (which the government refuses to secure) and the millions of illegals who have crossed the border unchecked, carrying with them backpacks, bags and even entire truckloads of unchecked material!

"It is undeniable that terrorists have entered the United States by crossing our 2000 mile southern border illegally. Smuggling dirty bomb materials across the border is not only possible, but many experts think probable. al Qaeda operatives know all about our porous southern border."

A terrorist with a backpack would not need the kind of funding, planning or training as did the terrorists on 9/11.  He would not need communication with the chain of command in Afghanistan or Pakistan that might be intercepted by the NSA and be used to prevent an attack.

“In short, an al Qaeda terrorist armed with a backpack nuke could be wandering the streets of Manhattan or Washington right now and we wouldn't know until 500,000 people were dead.”

To make matters worse, our government is doing almost nothing to prepare the population for such an attack.  The public guidelines for dealing with an attack of this nature haven't been updated since the 1960s.  Graphic demonstrations of how to hide under a desk that you might remember from your childhood are still very much the norm.

"Is 'Duck and Cover'
all you can do to prepare?"

What only a few people know is that these instructions had nothing to do with keeping the population safe but were designed to fool the Soviets into thinking that our population was better prepared than theirs, and thus would be alive after any attack and able to respond.

While the Soviets may have been fooled in the 1960s, al Qaeda seems bent on a far different strategy.  Unfortunately, our government's position hasn't changed, and the Supreme Court has even ruled that law enforcement and public safety personnel have no obligation to protect the citizens.

Bottom line: We are vulnerable to a thermonuclear attack.

“A few insiders (like myself) have known this terrible truth, but no one has been willing to speak out... until now.”

It's time we accept the fact that the government will not provide for our safety or needs in the event of a catastrophic attack, and therefore, we must take responsibility for our own protection and survival. I'm pleased to tell you I've just read a book that should be on the shelf of every American home.

The book is titled, “Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb”, by Sam Adams. Mr. Adams details the history of nuclear weapons development, the extent of the negligence by our own government and some potential chilling scenarios. 

He explains how:

  • Radical Muslim terrorists plan to only attack where defenseless civilians least expect it
  • The Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan is gaining strength
  • North Korea already has nuclear weapons... and are testing long-range missiles
  • Iran is developing nuclear material and is strengthening ties with Cuba, Russia and others

And worse, how the far-left in America is dedicated to weakening meaningful defenses which emboldens our enemies by:

  • Cancelling plans to extend missile shield protection to our European allies, thereby encouraging more nations to seek their own nuclear arsenals, nations who may not be able to secure them as we do
  • Eliminating the use of force as an option at the bargaining table and relying solely on ‘diplomacy' with terrorists, tyrants and dictators
  • Abandoning decades-old policies of not negotiating with terrorist nations, such as North Korea, and instead capitulating to every demand
  • Apologizing for US military actions against terrorist organizations and the nations which support and protect them.
  • Working on our ‘reputation' abroad rather than protecting American interests

Most Americans don't realize that 16 years ago the CIA knew that 25 different nations had or were working on WMD programs.  Few can or want to keep those weapons out of the hands of terrorist organizations.

But it's not just the devastation on the ground we need to be concerned about...

"A handful of suitcase nukes, smuggled into this country and detonated at once could change the world as we know it forever!"

A nuclear weapon exploded in the atmosphere would cause an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), a sort of anti-infrastructure weapon that would disable our electric grid and anything using computer technology.

In previous years only a few states had access to this kind of weapon, but now anyone with the technology to launch a satellite can deliver a nuclear weapon into the atmosphere above the United States and detonate it. Iran accomplished this technological feat in 2009 and North Korea is trying as I write this.

Imagine the domino effect of an EMP:

  • Airports, subways and trains would come to a halt... for weeks or months
  • Computers controlling refrigeration, medicine, even the food supply would be offline, or worse... destroyed
  • The logistics of delivering oil, fresh water and food using our ‘just in time' inventory methods would fail... leading to shortages, rationing and eventual starvation of many Americans

The devastation of an EMP could potentially be far worse in the long run as anarchy and starvation overtake our communities and even the military might be unable to respond.

In “Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb”, Mr. Adams details exactly how to prepare for either possibility, including:

  • How to identify public areas to take shelter in if you know an attack is imminent
  • Rules to teach your loved ones that may save their lives and that even children can master
  • How to stay in communication with your family... even if the phone lines in your community are down
  • How you can prepare those with special needs, whether they are dietary in nature or a lack of mobility

This is not a technical manual for scientists on how to measure the amount of radiation in the air or to diagnose radiation poisoning... this is a step by step, how to manual for survival in the event of a nuclear blast or dirty bomb.

Mr. Adams tells you exactly how you can build your own shelter; including the three critical factors for avoiding sickness from nuclear fallout... using materials you might already have at home!

It doesn't matter whether you're a PhD in Physics or a carpenter, the examples Mr. Adams uses are so simple even a child can understand them, for example:

  • How to build a short-term shelter-wherever you are-if you know an attack is imminent
  • What you need in a long-term shelter
  • Four surprising sources to get safe drinking water from any home or business
  • Four ways you can purify bad water, with the simplest of tools

You'll even learn how to construct an emergency toilet, in the event you're stuck somewhere and can't venture outside!

According to the US Government, your odds of dying in a thermonuclear attack are about 33%, your odds of being killed by the radiation are about 1 in 25, and your odds of being physically unaffected are about 50%.

If you do survive, you'll want to return to your home, gather your family together, and prepare for the aftermath, when radiation fallout will be just one of your concerns.
In “Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb” you'll also learn:

  • How to check your home for damage and why it might not be obvious from the street
  • Who is most likely to survive and how to make sure you and your family are in this group
  • What professions will be hit the worst... and what it means for you
  • The 10 obstacles survivors will have to overcome in the aftermath of a disaster

And more...

If you live in a rural area or have taken the precautions Mr. Adams teaches in this book, the odds are pretty good that you'll survive... and then the really hard part begins.

Millions of Americans' lives will be destroyed, through the loss of loved ones, a lack of food, psychological damage and because Americans have become so soft... an inability to cope with a world that is turned upside down. If the government cannot provide the food stamps that millions have come to rely upon, and the police are preoccupied with clean-up from the disaster, what might the country look like in the weeks and months following a strike?

Mr. Adams explains in clear language how you can:

  • Find a fallout shelter where you live and what items you should never take with you under any circumstances
  • How to live well when essential services get cut off
  • How long to stay inside after the blast. (Don't mess this one up)
  • How to manage your emergency water supplies in a nuclear blast (including water treatment techniques)
  • Food rationing strategies for survival after the blast
  • The biggest mistakes you can make before, during and after a blast
  • Important instructions that apply immediately after the attack
  • How to know when it's safe to return to a contaminated area
  • 10 biggest obstacles to overcome in the aftermath of a nuclear blast
  • Why most “doomsdayers” are just plain wrong about surviving an attack
  • One cheap substance that (because of its negative ionic charge) can rapidly pull radiation from the body. This secret substance was used at Chernobyl and I'm told many of our military bases have huge stocks in case of a nuclear attack
  • How to build a fallout shelter for very little money (step-by-step instructions almost anyone can follow)
  • How to turn your basement into a super shelter
  • What really happens to people in a nuclear blast
  • What is an Electromagnetic Pulse?
  • What are the components of fallout?
  • Three kinds of radiation given off by fallout
  • How to set up a “warning watch” system?
  • What to do if you see “the flash”
  • How to make emergency shelters if you don't have much time

The book even includes an all-natural treatment for radiation poisoning... after all, the hospitals and pharmacies will be overrun... if they even have anything to prescribe! (If you bought this book and all you received was this information, it would be worth 100 times the cost of the book!)

This is just a peek inside the covers of what Mr. Adams has put together in “Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb”.

I was so impressed with the book I ordered several copies for friends, all military types or in emergency preparedness roles.  Here's what they had to say:

“I didn't realize the extent of the threat until I read your book... no one is talking about this stuff, not even in official channels.  It's almost like they want a huge portion of the country killed off. I will tell everyone I know about the book.”
John Stewart
Arnold, MD

“When I was in Korea the threat of a WMD attack was imminent... I've never forgotten those lessons but was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find them in a civilian publication. Every American should have this book and remember the procedures... they may save your life”
Mark Francis
Former Intelligence Officer, USAF
Mesa, AZ

Just imagine life as usual one moment... and seconds later the power is off, the computers don't work, and the water coming into your home is contaminated because the machines which purify it have failed.  You could be hundreds or thousands of miles away from the disaster and yet your life has changed in an instant...

The odds are you could spend a lifetime researching what a nuclear blast or dirty bomb might do to our country and not gather all this information in one single place.  It might take you years, even a lifetime to acquire this much practical information.

What will you do if disaster strikes tonight?  Do you have a checklist to execute?  Do your spouse and children know exactly what to do, where to go that is safe and well-supplied with food and medicines, maybe even weapons?

Only a handful of people know these ‘secrets to survival'.  No matter how little you may know about the dangers of a nuclear blast or radiation sickness, you can become an emergency preparedness expert in just a few short chapters of “Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb”.

It's Easy To Order!

You can get “Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb” manual available for immediate download for only $39.00 or you can get the hard copy manual sent to you by priority mail for only $49.00 plus $8.00 shipping and handling for a total of $57.00.

This information may save your life... and possibly help you save the lives of dozens, maybe hundreds of others so you can be ready to rebuild our community, and our nation, in the event of a catastrophic attack.

$49.00 is nothing in the greater scheme of things... it's less than the cost of a visit to the doctor's office or a meal at a decent restaurant... but what you'll have in your hands is infinitely more valuable... the knowledge to handle a catastrophic emergency with confidence, as well as how to help others who may not be able to help themselves.

Best Deal: Make Money With This New Book!

Here's the absolute best deal: For only $297.00 you can actually own this book. What do I mean by that? Simply this: For only $297.00 you can purchase the rights to copy and or sell this book. You basically own it! You can then give away the book free to family members or everyone in your church or organization. Or if you need some extra income, you can sell the book online as an ebook, make hard copies and sell them at flea markets or whatever your mind can conceive. You only have to sell 8 books and you have your money back. That's it! After that, you keep what you sell. This offer could be an extremely profitable deal for the right person. In fact, it could be worth tens of thousands. (It took a year to produce this book. Can you imagine owning it for $297.00? Can you imagine having your own business for just $297.00?)

As Islamic terrorists prepare to launch the most devastating terror attack yet, will you depend on the folks that brought you the Cash for Clunkers program for help?

Each passing day we draw closer to a terrible disaster. Will you be ready?


Robert Brandon

P.S.  This information is not available elsewhere… in fact, with the direction our country is headed in, it might not be available much longer. Isn't it interesting that the mainstream media calls almost daily for more money and authority to give to various agencies to stop terrorism, but not one word or even a penny is devoted to civil defense. Worse, dissenting speech or thoughts contrary to the wishes of the regime (like this book) are even at risk of being silenced. Don't wait. You owe it to your family to protect them today!

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